How do u keep ur machine running like a tru monster?

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Ok so we started this topic on a different thread talking about spotmau powersuite but we suddenly went off topic and starting talkining about our utility tools we personally use to keep our pcs running like a beast. So why not start a new thread dedicated to just that. Here I want a clean but arguable discussion about what u use and why. Don't just post the name of a tool but the point is why use a certain tool or method over a different one. So let's begin.

I'll keep it short and sweet since i've been rambling on already. I like manually tweaks to boost upmy laptop [asus g72] I use the regedit, msconfig to speed up the boot time and to keep the programs that load at startup to a minimal. The of course I overclock using the stock turbogear boost but I also use setfsb to increase my speed timings and overclock my pc from 2.53GHz stock to 3.17GHz stable. As far as programs I like systweak to fix registry errors and corrupt files and tuneup to increase performance speed. But the main thing I recommend is keeping your pc clean, dust free, and cool becuz the most common issue on pc slowing down is ur pc overheating do to those symptoms.

I tried to keep it simple but I got a little to indepth but that's the point I'm trying to come across. That way we can change our ways to better perform our pc. So let the posting begin... Wink

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