Regards to xp pass recovery/crack/hack

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Read the "guideline" but have to state that i first came across sx through the cracked version on the gs's mri which is by far one of my favorite tools when removing passes and such. (i can edit or a mod can edit this if it should be removed, also if the wrong section let me know)

So heres the scenario: I have a laptop in my possession from a friend that only has a limited account that i can access. "admin, administrator & the bios" are all passed leaving me with the options to reformat or find another alternative to get in.
problems with reformatting & using the mri is im not getting any options to boot from cd through any hotkeys or the "press key to boot". Get only boot from hd when i press f9 & i cant get into the bios to change it because that also has a password. Ive searched for hours and tried so many ways that im just stumped and ready to trash it. Any help or ray of light down the right pass it greatly appreciated & if any more info is needed just let me know.