password protect/prompt winpe usb?

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ok i've started a simple little project using the winpe 3.0 system. i was able to create a bootable usb and add tools and utilities to it. i also added a gui to it. so far i've been able to run it and boot it up great no issues with the environment. my only question is what would be the best way to have a password prompt before loading my gui? i've tried a simple batch command:

@echo off
echo "Enter Username"
set /p UserName=

echo "Password"
set /p PassWord=

echo %UserName% %PassWord%

so test it out but i unfortunately this did not work? but i also dont want to use a batch file to protect it since it can be easily accessed. can someone give me a little help on what would be the best way of doing this? i would just to learn so i don't necessary want the answer, but more of different perspective or method. thnx

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