C# frustration!

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Ok, any help with the following would be amazing!!

I'm making a basic windows form in C#. Basically, in a nutshell, I want to be able to have 2 main buttons; the 1st will create a dir on the C:/ drive and copy an ebedded resource file there and then create some new reg keys, my problem lies with the reg part. I had no problem creating a new dir and copying the embedded image file. But everything I've tried for creating the reg keys has failed. I even tried executing embedded .bat and .reg files, both of which say are successful, but the keys don't show up in the registry. The .bat and .reg files do the job great when executed alone outside of the application. The keys are needing to go into the LocalMachine group. I ran all commands and codes as admin and still no luck. Anyone have any tips?

I'll post my code if needed. Sorry if this is ridiculous, but I'm a n00b and just trying to learn! Thanks again in advanced! Smile