Fastest Bittorrent Client

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I finally got internet last night in my new apartment and proceeded to uncap to 18mb down / 1mb up. Unfortunately, uTorrent is doing a terrible job of downloading quickly, despite changing settings back and forth. It seems that, while it will connect to a lot of peers/seeds, it doesn't actually transfer on most of them. I've done a lot of searching, and this is a common issue.

So, I'm on a quest to find the fastest fully-featured bittorrent client for Windows 7. Yes, some of you might think that all torrent clients will download at the same speed, but that's not the case - different clients will have different ways of downloading (for example, uTorrent won't disconnect from a peer unless it hasn't transferred data in 10 minutes, and only requests a max of 50 peers at a time, from what I read).

I've used the Wikipedia Comparison of Bittorrent Clients list to come up with the most promising clients. My requirements were that they be updated within the last year, not have any advertisements, have a GUI, support Windows, and have RSS support.

Ktorrent (supports Micro Transport Protocol)
OneSwarm (Based on Azureus)
Tixati (No WebUI)
Tribler (No WebUI)(Simple Interface)

Those were the ones left after eliminating the undesirables. To be honest, I like the idea of a WebUI, so I'm not leaning towards Tixati or Tribler. You'll notice I didn't include Vuze/Azureus, since it does install a toolbar (and OneSwarm is based on it anyways). I've used QBittorrent on Linux and loved it.

My goal is to test out each of these clients and find out which is the fastest. I'm hoping to test each client on the same port with three different torrents for each client (similar to I'd like to test each client on default settings for 30 minutes on each torrent and average out the upload and download, then test again with optimized settings.

Would anyone else like to test some clients, or have suggestions for clients to test (ones you've heard are faster)?