Buddy of mine needs some help.

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One of my really good friends in school asked for my help, since I wasn't all to sure of the answer I thought this would be a great place to ask, you can view his original thread here( http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/showthread.php?t=348585) , but he said he hasn't got any responses. I knew this was a place I could turn. MANY thanks in advance:

(HE writes):

I'm working on a semester long project with a couple teammates at my university for our Software Engineering course. Our initial project idea was to come up with a kind of watered-down combination of CPU-Z & GPU-Z just to see if we could do it and learn how it all works along the way.

For full project details please feel free to check our team website @ www.alienmania.com
(Please excuse the domain name, it's a free one I'm borrowing from a friend for the semester lol).

There are several screenshots on our homepage of our current prototype but the following illustrates about as far as we have gotten with GPU information:

Up until this point we have exclusively used WMI to query all CPU, mobo, RAM, and now limited GPU information. From our research over the last couple weeks we have looked into using DirectX, XNA, OpenGL, and looked through a lot of related open source projects to try and find a way to retrieve at minimum the current core clock speed and memory clock speed of any local GPU's on the machine at runtime.

If there's anything you all can suggest please let me know and we will attempt to add this functionality ASAP so we can have sort of a community beta test to help us bang out any issues found with specific hardware information across a vast amount of different machines (thanks to you guys hopefully!).

Our project currently is a .NET Framework 4.0 windows forms application programmed in C#. We are all using VS 2010 Pro via our Microsoft Dreamspark accounts ^_^.

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