Email Hacked

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Hey everyone.. I'm in a slight predicament. Not 100% sure where this topic went.. it isn't much of a discussion, so I posted here.

ANYWAY.. a few months ago, my email account got hacked. When I have the password set to the original, i will start spamming my contacts list with a random email with a website in it. As long as I change the password (just had to do it once, don't have to do it every few days or anything) it's fine. I accidentally changed my password back to what it was, and then I started spamming people again. So i changed it to something else and it obviously stopped.

Is there anyway to remove my email address from the spambots system? How can I check to see if I have the wrong open ports or anything?
There isn't really an issue unless it is that one certain PW, but.. I don't like the thought of someone having that much easy access.
I have Avast AV, MWB, Spybot, Superantispyware, and a few other programs. No firewall anymore, I did at the time.

P.S. One of my clever ideas for a hacker is to take advantage of your email already being logged in i.e. if you remember your password, there is probably some way to hack a browser to spam until you log out or change password. Probably has been done, but it'd be cool if it worked Laughing out loud