Hackatackatickitytack yo thingsss

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was browsing the home page and saw the thing about script kiddy "StigeX" and noticed you all said this "Let this be a reminder to all future attackers that these kind of attacks are frowned upon here. If you want to impress us, hit us with some 0day"

are you guys saying you promote attacks? lol not that im going to try it. im no where near good enough for that atm.. (without being a ghhheeeyyy script kiddie myself that is..).. i just find it cool that you guys are promoting that.

(would be a cool competition to hose onece a year or something)

hack the site and put something on the home page/dedicated page. winner takes the prize idk something like that lol. Id totally get into that kind of "war game"

I want a girl with an accent, and I don't mean a Hyundai..