Backtrack4 r1 and alpha awuso36h

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i saw this video - and it shows how to use bt4 r1 to change tx power dbm to 30 on my alfa awuso36h wireless usb adapter. I am doing exactly what it says and it is working . changes the tx power to 30 dbm but it dosent stay at 30 . Could someone please tell me what im doing wrong so the changes stick. these are the comands im using - airmon-ng , iwconfig wlan0 , airmon-ng stop wlan0 , ifconfig wlan0 down , iw reg set BO , airmon-ng start wlan0 , iwconfig wlan0 Also, when i boot into windows xp will these changes stay? and if not , is there a way to make these changes in winxp? Thanks ahead of time for any help i might recieve Smile Be gentle lol, im newbie of newbies lol ( any instructions if you could step by step ) I do know how to turn on my computer so skip that step , lol , kidding , thanks again , scorp