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Hey all, I have something that I've been beating my head against for a few days, and I just can't seem to get it straight in my head...

I've set up a network in a local hotel that has 100 rooms.
I've set up 5 Buffalo AirStations and 5 repeaters with static IPs, starting at and working down to .245. All the wiring comes into a central junction, then into a Base10 16 port switch.
From there, it used to go direct into a local ISP's modem, but just last week, the customer upgraded to an 18Mbps down from another ISP. The new ISP came out and installed cable along with a new SMC box that's not user-configurable (view-only)

So, I went out and purchased a cheap Linksys WRT120N router to use for the subnet.
I set it up with:
Local IP
Users: 253 (for a total of 254, which covers the furthest access point at 20.254 down to the closest repeater at 20.245)
Entered the correct DNS servers (3 of them)
Set up WPA2 security and tested.

Everything seems to work really well while plugged directly into the modem, directly into the router, or directly into the switch. (~18Mbps/1Mbps)
Everything seems to work really well while using Wireless-N (again, ~18Mbps/1Mbps)
NOTHING seems to be working correctly for gets speeds that fluctuate from 2Mbps to 4Mbps - I've not seen it go higher than 4.

So, wtF did I do wrong? It's really only an issue for me - the customer is happy (because he uses Wireless-N himself, and is convinced that G is outdated and slow anyway), but I know the theoretical limit is 24Mbps with a max of 11Mbps for Wireless-G - so a Wireless-G laptop should be able to get ~8Mbps for a large file transfer, but that's not the case.
I think that some of his customers are going to complain that they're not getting his advertised 18Mb/s download speeds on their wireless-G computers, which I know isn't going to happen anyway, but being stuck with no higher than 4Mb/s really sucks.

I'm all ears if anyone has any ideas! Or if anyone needs more info, don't hesitate to ask!


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