Newbie questions

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can u guz teach me to hax? hahaha

j/k... from what i've read, you guys dislike that question as much as I do haha.

Anyway, a few questions before I go off and get myself in trouble here... more related to site policies than anything computer-ish.

1) I fucking cuss... more often than I'd like honestly... just thought I'd get that out in the open.

I'm kind of overly paranoid for whatever reason. I'm sure the admins have noticed I surf with TOR. believe it or not, there are a whole lot of sites around that don't appreciate that... Is anonymity a problem?

My paranoia and desire to remain anonymous kind of leads into the next question: Do you guys accept bitcoins for donations? I'd love to donate, but using paypal, or a credit card etc is a non-option for me... I do have a clutch of cypto-currency (bitcoins) however... Do you accept them?

I noticed there are a few areas I could probably contribute tutorials for... But I also read there is a VIP area as well... While some info is pretty standard (linux networking, Onionland sites etc), other stuff such as ARP poisioning/SSL stripping etc is not... should I withhold some of the more fun stuff to prevent the 'can i hax' crowd from fucking up their future?

Meh, kind of random ramblingness right now... insomnia is in full swing... figured I'd ask a few questions before I went off and got myself in trouble Tongue