R.I.P Dell dimention 2400..... (Uuuuuugh help please)

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Ok, so I was happily crafting it up on my PS cs4 when the inevitable blue screen of death attacked me. As per usual I restart my computer and wait for the disk check... when it simply gave me a black screen with an error code on it. Simple bios mistake that I usually fixed... Well, restarted and NOW the ntfs is missing. OOOOOOKAYYY
This is the part where I facedesk my keyboard to hell and pick off the broken keys from my forehead. I run my shell OS and get into the computer but lo and behold... my C: drive is empty except for two folders... Fishy eh? I run a anti- everything and it shows all my files there..... but there are "viruses" on my system files. Get rid of that and BOOM... C: is completely gone. Cussing it out and throwing my remote at it didn't help either.. I'm thinking at this point that the hard drive is fux0rd... -sigh- Hoping there is a cure for this without digging through my parts pile. >.o'''

Any ideas?

(btw.. I know it's a crap tank... just a little something to screw around on.)

You're frustrated Acey~ - . -

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