Returning after a few months absence...

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Hello everyone.
I joined here about 7 months ago. Unfortunately I was unable to post or r4ead the site for a while. The reason: I went from low partial blindness to total back in September. I have been spending the last several months since then learning independent living skills. I am currently waiting on an evaluation appointment with my eye surgeon this week. He is talking about removing both eyes (the infection i developed last year has caused damage and left me in extreme pain all the time). I hope the evaluation goes well and that he can resolve the pain problem (hopefully without removing both eyes, but....)

It has been slow going, but I am glad I am almost back to where I was before: independent. I am still working on some alternative solutions to what I was doing before; such as learning braille, acquiring tools, etc. I am still discovering what it is I can do and pushing the limits of my abilities.

now that I seem to have a bit more time on my hands, anyone got any suggestions on what I can learn that will make me more employable? I am still a passable computer technician, but there are just some situations where having even minimal eyesight is a must.

I was recently successful at getting a working linux installation working on my powerbook G3. it even uses both emacsspeak and orca (both are text-to-speech with braille support). It may be a little slow, but for a 10 year old notebook, its still useful.

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