Improving Site Content: Contests, Prizes, Etc.

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In order to improve the flow of new, productive content to the site, I'm interested to see what everyone thinks of the contests and prizes we have to offer. The first tutorial contest featured a choice between a ticket to DEFCON and a pre-modded diagnostic cable modem as a prize. This most recent featured a choice between VIP and a t-shirt or a flat-rate cash prize per tutorial submitted. The wallpaper contest had the t-shirt and VIP as first prize.

Are these prizes motivating? Are there any users that are considering free VIP access for winning a contest? If the prizes aren't motivating, what would motivate you? Is a diag modem or DEFCON ticket [not] enough? How about an iPad? Or maybe a wardriving kit? Try to consider a non-profit budget when suggesting prizes. Do you think VIP should be awarded simply for submitting a quantity of quality tutorials/wallpapers/other stuffs? Any other suggestions for improving site content?

I'd like to hear from everyone, but especially those who think they have some good content they could prepare and submit. Feel free to note the topic of your soon-to-be-released content, but if you have a suggestion of a tutorial or some other content you'd like to see then please post here:

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