usb not working

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i have a small problem, well its kind of a big problem really. the problem im having is that my usb devices dont seem to load and as a result i cant use my keyboard or mouse, they work fine in grub. the system doesnt even load them if i try to install linux, and yes i have tryed just using a ps2 keyboard and i still get the same result. iv tryed installing linux mint 11.3 mandrive(latest vesrion) openSuse (latest version) and ubuntu 10 they all have the same results. the only thing that works is if i chose the compatiblity mode for linux mint on the install cd. but if i install my system through that when i go to boot the system my usb device dont work. i did notice that when i try to boot into recovery mode it says that the system can not assign an address to the device (usb). the system is an aspire m1800. im out of ideas as to how i can fix the problem so im open to any suggestions.