Is it possible to install Backtrack on a HP tx2500?

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For those unfamiliar with a tx2500 it's a rather unique laptop/tablet. Because of the touchscreen feature I've decided to use the Vista OS that comes stock because it has drivers that are considered proprietary to HP. I attempted to locate the drivers elsewhere to install a version of tablet XP, but was unsuccessful. I settled on having the computer remaining a Vista machine, despite my preference for XP. This was the first time that I've said I give up with this machine and just settled for what I have.

Now I've also tried to install Backtrack a number of times on this machine as well. I've used a number of different methods. I've tried installing from a CD, installing from a USB thumb drive, boot from a CD, boot from a thumb, dual boot and I've tried these methods on a virtual machine as well. Nothing is working though. I'm wondering what could possibly be stopping me from installing. I don't want to quit on this. I've never really used backtrack before, but I did install it on a different machine in the past. However, I really like this laptop and it's the only machine I have now. It's a must I step my game up.

Any ideas?