New Contests Coming Soon - Input Needed!

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Unfortunately in 2010 our Tutorial Contest did not get enough submissions and was effectively cancelled. This caused many discussions about what we should do. Many people talked about different contests, although nothing was finalized. This is what this thread is for - to make some final decisions.

Definite Contests:
2011 Wallpaper Contest
2011 Password Cracking Contest
2011 Cryptography Cracking Contest
2011 Programming Contest

Possible Contests (this is where I need input):
2011 SX Song Contest (any musicians?)
2011 Vulnerability Contest (who can find the coolest exploit and throw it away in a contest Tongue)
2011 Wargame (winner takes all, may be played on owned chinese servers)

Any ideas? I need contest ideas and I need prize ideas. One of the things I was thinking was to have many smaller contests where the grand prize is simply VIP and a shirt. This might not be ideal for something like a vulnerability contest, but please keep in mind that we have a limited budget. I'm hoping to get plenty of feed back on this, as we really need the help of the community to make final decisions.