New to Linux too many choices for a distro, need help narrowing it down.

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As a side job I work on removing viruses and malware on location. My current tool set consists of Malware Bytes and Super-Anti Spyware that I carry on a USB key and I require the PC owner to do the actual install to avoid violating the license terms. I usually carry a Windows 7 laptop with me in case I need to download additional files or drivers.

I'm tired of being concerned that my system will be infected by connecting to their network or by swapping flash drives and want to carry a laptop that is protected.

I purchased a Levono IdeaPad Z560 that I originally was going to make into a hackintosh but I can't find a good tutorial for that. So now I want to go the Linux route with Windows 7 in a virtual machine.

Any suggestions on what Distro to go with would be appreciated and any suggestions of what distros to avoid is even more appreciated.