Hidden Internet Monopoly and Internet Blue Collar Thug Gang?

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If you look at hostgators blog you can see where Chad posted in section 5 Hostgator was looking for new ideas and investments. No if you go on and lookup employees associated with hostgator you can see tons of them own internet businesses. - Link to blog - Page as a PDF

Employees Also with businesses and businesses associated with hostgator. - Located in Boca Raton, FL and moved to Houston, TX. Same naming scheme.

PDF copy of website -

Pestbear Whois PDF copy -

Jason Tuttle - Founder/CEO at Tuttle Technologies, LLC - - PDF of linkedin profile

Justin McZeal - Co-Owner at 24/7 Munchiez -

Eric Scalf - Owner at Fyre Networks - - PDF of linkedin profile

Sam Foster - Owner & Developer at Embiggened Software (Sole Proprietorship) - - PDF of linkedin profile

Donald Fountain - CEO/Director of Marketing at Review World, Inc. - - PDF of linkedin profile

Mario Rodriguez - Possible inside contact for spying on employees - Help Desk at SBC DSL/Convergy - - PDF of linkedin profile

Suspected chemist inside hostgator. Contact to create drugs to alter peoples minds and hurt them that could hurt hostgators reputation

Faraz Siddiqui - Volatile Organic Analysis Chemist at Duratherm Inc. - - Pdf of linkedin profile

Publicity engineers at hostgator in charge of making sure people who go against hostgator are censored and stopped. IE: me a few days ago.

Tin Pham - Content Curator at Web Hosting Talk - Pdf of linkedin profile
Donald Fountain - CEO/Director of Marketing at Review World, Inc. - PDF of linkedin profile

Now these are the only ones found so far. 5 pages deep into linkedin

Websites that censor anthing anti-hostgator. has banned my email address has banned my email address. has banned the forum discussion. - Tin Pham(Hostgator Employee) is the content Curator

Response to my forum posts-

Dear hosthater,

This is a reminder about your post(s) or other actions at Web Hosting Talk.

This is the reason for this message: Thread/Post Not Allowed (Starting a thread or making post that is not allowed per Forum Guidelines).

The moderator who issued this reminder has this message for you:


I'm not sure why you felt you needed to spread more propaganda on your issues with your previous employer, but you might be better off discussing it with them."

Spreading more propaganda, I don't think so. Fighting back. hostgator would rather threaten legal action and throw money around to silence the loudness. If hostgator claimed they fired him what else did they lie about.

Copy can be found here - - has now started moderating my post as seen here - - copy of current state here -


Cliff L. Wade, 37 - Charged with hacking Billing system after leaving Sentenced to 8 months -

Jackie Craig Sparks - 26 - Stalked, hacked, threats to life made and attemps with chemical drugs made against.

Achohosting claims Hostgator fired him on linkedin -
Email where I gave my 2 weeks notice" -


I was paid 15 an hour to work at hostgator. They offered medical and dental but the premium was so high priced with the cost of living no one could afford it. The triple monitor workstations were a lie, all work stations only had dual monitors. The senior admins , except Frank, and one other who was skinny and kinda red neckish had that smug RTFM attitude and didn’t like teaching people anything. Hostgator even claimed they fired me. I put in my two weeks and only showed up for 1 of them. Mark the instructor was quite helpful as a trainer. The meals were good. I liked the hours. Night time hours.

During that time they hacked my phone. Used recorded private conversations against me by giving them to friends and colleagues. Had people following me trying to use social engineering techniques to manipulate and make me come back to work.

Be careful if you work there and quit they might try to kill you by using drugs to make you loose your mind, literally. A week after I quit I was at a NoFX concert and someone threw some kinda drug cocktail on my head. I was targeted the sound booth was behind me. I felt sick and went outside. My head started tingling. I was sitting against the wall and Ford(hostgator security ) walked by in a wig and looked at me). I went back inside and washed off my head. When I did the water i used ran over my face and and my hands and face started tingling. I went to security, then to the police. They had me sitting against the outside of the building. A man walked by and said “You will never play the piano again.” Playing the piano is a term that describes the acts of hacking on a keyboard. For the next week people followed me and the smell of in pesticides came from from my AC on my truck. While I walked from Conroe, TX to Tomball, TX to get my truck from a hospital where they would not take me seriously On I45 on the feeder a white truck with a full tool body passed 4+ times spraying out a fog that irritated my skin and made me feel horrible. Routinely a truck with the name Pest Bear past me as I walked down the street. I was picked up by a man in a Volvo with no plate. And he described to me how people who where not going to live long are not worth as much as other people and should die. He also hinted that I was not going to live long. Pest bear was a company registered out of Boca Raton, FL . The home of hostgator.

Whois printout of

Tech Address……… 5050 Blue Lake Dr.
Tech Address………
Tech Address……… Boca Raton
Tech Address……… 33431
Tech Address……… FL
Tech Address……… UNITED STATES
Tech Email……….. [email protected]
Tech Phone……….. +1.8886636648
Tech Fax…………. +1.8886636655
Name Server……….
Name Server……….

Maybe Brent isn’t that evil but Lance sure as hell is. They have so much control in the Houston area that if you do quit you better get the hell outta town and hang low fast.

Hostgator controls and manipulates that entire market. Keeping all the prices low by using high ranking accounts to way underbid the jobs to force other programmers who are unemployed or looking for extra money work at slave labor costs.

I left and fled to my grandparents house. In Boerne TX. I tried to get help for the hacking and people following me and was institutionalized for a week. After I got out, I stayed at my grandparents house for 2 weeks I started looking for another job in IT as a Linux admin. I was invited for a interview with rackspace. I went to San Antonio and got a motel room and all the weird stuff that was happening in Houston started happening again there. After being there 2 weeks I fled because of the harassment and hacking. I went to Denver Colorado. The harassment stopped. I eventually made my way back to NC.

# The Purple Monkey said:

September 18th, 2011 at 12:41 pm

Jonathan Smith’s comment is probably not far from the truth. They will use pesticides to poison you until your body kills your mind on its own.

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September 18th, 2011 at 7:08 pm

This post was from weeks after all the events I talked about happened, hence the purple monkey avatar.

# The Purple Monkey said:

September 18th, 2011 at 7:15 pm

I believe I was talking to one of my aggressors . I can’t say for sure it was hostgator but I believe it had something to do with hostgator. Id like to believe it wasn't but there was so many things that pointed back to them. I would like to work there again. But I wouldn’t want to loose my mind or loose my life over a job. Linux administration is a passion of mine and I just want to go back to doing it again.

I launched a little over a month ago. I told some people related to hostgator and Brent. Then all the same stuff that was happening in Houston started happening in NC, I used twitter and facebook to post information about what I was doing and the weird things that where happening started to stop and my aggressors changed their tactics."

Treatment of employees

GoggleLady Article -

Low pay confirmed by more than one -

Chucks comment on
Chuck said:
April 9th, 2011 at 12:01 pm
Thank you for writing this post. In Austin all the things you share was true. It was really sad how they do business with their employees. Most of their employees are over worked and under paid. In their training they don’t take the time to educate you on thing you might not know; however, they didn’t want the people in the training class to ask questions. The wanted them to “SPARK” them on a chat this would allow them to rush the class for their training. All the people in the training was rushing their notes to keep up with the trainer (Jennifer Hilton/Sara Q). They would try to treat people like kids. This is very unprofessional when you have adults that own their homes and have a family. I have over 10 yrs of Sales & Marketing background 3 yrs on Tech side. I have made over $400k over the last few years income from a professional background. I showed up 1 hr before training and stay 30 minutes after training. Jenni and Sara was rushing me out of training everyday.
If your looking to work with this company I would look somewhere else. I would look for a company that is stable and want to pay their employees fair market value. Company that is willing to training and invest in their employees future. This means they would want to say with company.
I read this blog I was like this person must be lying. However, I found out they were telling the true.

Source -
“If you happen to see something that is breaking our TOS you are to ignore it completely unless it's illegal and someone has submitted a ticket with our company to take action.

—then-CEO Brent Oxley, internal company memo
I believe this to be completely true. I was told this during my first week of training at by the trainer “Mark”

Cover ups

Alleged Cover ups
SA-Mart Fraud Cover-Up - -

Subpena and legal action take by hostgator -

On 22 November, 2010, Hangly Man announced that he had received a subpoena from Assistant U.S. Attorney Mark W. White III demanding the IP address of the original poster (See above). It also commands Hangly Man to fly to the opposite side of the planet and appear in a Houston courthouse. The document was addressed to his internet handle instead of his real name, and was curiously sent to him rather than his hosting provider.

Hangly Man responded with an address to which the Department of Justice can send some airline tickets.

* Read the subpoena yourself (PDF format)

* the Reddit thread


Not credible but releavant taken from - -

"INSIDE hostgator's own network, own datacenter, was a spam ring being run. Yes, a spam ring to send millions of people unsolicited spam messages in bulk, blacklisting houdreds of IPs, one of the BIGGEST concerns to a customer and email marketer, exploited by hostgator's own network, going by unnoticed (or ignored) for months.

—jvlas, ex-employee"

Not credible but relavant take from -[URL=""][/URL]


File:Hostgator rob.gif

Rob does impressions. He calls this one "Trisomy-21".

Stage name: Cindy. Rumored to be Symbion, founder of 7chan. Confirmed longtime member of g00ns.

He bumped into Brent and Lance at DEFCON one summer, drunk off his ass and reeking of moist garbage. They offered him a job on the spot.

“ Rob was highly involved in the spamming operation. He is a known spammer and scam artist.

Rob was at the very least a ringleader in the operation and I strongly suspect HostGators records will substantiate this. Rob is also in communication with others at hostgator over their internal message network, spark, which being an ex-employee, he should no longer have any access to.

—anonymous current employee"

External Sources - - -