From Prey to Predator

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I used to be a employee at the fail of a company hostgator. The time working there was ok, the catered food was pretty good.
Some days we ate chinese, pizza, sandwiches etc. The pay was crap for linux administrators. Security was lax, you would find
RF ID badges laying in the parking lot. Employees would let you ghost your way into the building. There was even a story from
another past employee that a homeless man made his way onto the second floor where the Linux administrators worked. Every
linux administrator has root access to the servers including the billing systems, time, and HR systems. Also they hire you on as
a Linux admin they even tell you answering phones is rare. Then they start forcing you to answer phones and harass the people
who do not answer the phones and give them hard times.

Before I quit I was being harassed for not being comfortable answering phones by my supervisors. - linux admins don't answer phones ogg - linux admins don't answer phones mp3

Well after I quit some really bad happened to me and I was forced to leave Houston,TX. My home state. The whole story is here
along with emails from Brent where he wanted to bribe me to shut me up or have me ask for money so he could discredit the
whole thing as a extortion type thing. – Tried convincing me I was crazazy and asked if there was anything he could do
for me.

You can find that on in the off topic section of the forums.

How do we do this and still keep our white and grey hats on from a 1000 miles away? We attack the “human resources”. The
First things first , lets dig up some dirt on the company. Hostgator dot com is a webhosting company. Well what kinda dirt can
we get. After being banned from multiple webhosting forums. I resorted to!!! I went and searched for every
employee related to hostgator. Started looking thru their profiles. Then noticed one thing a lot of them had second jobs as
owners/CEOs of other companies related to webhosting, webhosting forums, review sites, porn sites etc. One even owned a
food delivery service called “Muchiez!!”, Total stoner roflmao, This guy is a genuis for making a company called stoners
especially with the NORML movement and marijuana law reforms throughout the USA. Also from the incident that happened to
me in January. I knew that the Oxley family also had other ties. – a pest exterminating company from that
incident. I also started digging thru their blog. Well, well, well, Brent had reached out to the employees about business ideas
and investments!!!!!! Ah Ha!! Monopoly!!!!! Even though this probly means for me do not pass go , do not collect 200$, strait to
a federal pen.
Ok when writing something like this you never want to state facts that are not true here in the USA. So we make assumptions,
and let the pros take care of the rest(the real media reporter) If you are try to get your own story heard include it in the
assumed story! So when they take you to court for slander it forces them to bring attention to your story as in my case!
What happened to me was I was at a concert and some sort of drug was dumped on my head. What did I find on linkedin? A
frikkin chemist!!! OFYLTA!! . A CEO of review world, a content curator for webhostingtalk. Webhosting talk is the most popular
webhosting community forum on the net. Content curators are the people responsible for finding the most interesting and best
subjects to talk about a certain subject. In this case Hostgator has a “content curator” on the payroll. I wonder why. Well during
my hosthater campaign I was banned from posting anything anti-hostgator. LOL , I wonder why this happened.

Then I started trying to spread the word. Well I guess hostgator and their army of techs already knew this was my next step so I
constantly being censored on every forum I posted too. So I then I started looking at their site some more and noticed that they
let anyone talk to their chat techs. I started logging into their chat system and posed as news reporters(random names) from
different organizations and started giving them information about the article I wrote and asking them what was HG(hostgators)
stance on all these claims. People talk. So in order to find someone that knows or knew about this I needed these people to talk
in the offices and outside the offices about it. Possibly to find the ones that knew what was going on but just to scared to talk.
The next step was the ticket system. The ticket system just consists of sending a ticket to [email protected] , verify you
human by clicking a link. Now your support request is in the queue! You go toyota! Well I started sending in emails pointing
back to my previous article and telling the employees what other companies do for their employees. How they should be getting
raises for being so loyal and how Rackspace even pays 100% for their employees health insurance. On one of my campaigns to
the third shift crew, everyone sent the emails to management instead of sending them to the void. Hell if they make tons of
millions per year, why shouldn't they take better care of their employees. Spend the money they used to put the hostgator logo
on a UFC fighters bum to help pay for a dental plans of the Houston office. Then you goto and type
in your email address you used to send a message, and any password. When the password fails, click the link for a new
password. And now you have access to their ticket system webfront. I was just sending in emails strait to the queue but they
started blocking my address. So I resorted to the webfront. The ticket system works on first come first serve. I noticed as my
tickets were being submitted they were immediately being put on hold or sent to “the void of the internet” this is the equivalent
of the recycle bin for windows users or /dev/null for us linux users. So this only means management was blocking my messages
from reaching the employees. Hmmmmmm..... CURL!!! The ticket system used no type of captcha. So Lets write a small script
in bash to login and submit tickets via curl. So then I wrote a small script that spawned 25 instances of a script that sent 20-30
tickets into the queue. It was a total fail script and was a hack job. I was so nervous writing it. I was shaking I was so nervous
thinking of the consequences. But no one said I couldn't. I had been communicating with Brent telling him what I was doing and
he never responded telling me to stop. - adding captcha to the ticket system - other ways to fix problems like these - importance of these fixes

So it was in no means harassment. If it was harassment then the owner would have said stop... right??? So next thing you know
Sunday October the second, that evening I sent 400+ messages into the queue. Cock block that management. Well I tried
again during peak on monday. They had someone on standby waiting this time to block my IP address from logging in and
submitting tickets. I got 40 tickets in. They must have wrote a script because as soon I sent them in they were immediately put
on hold. Enuff with this one move on to the next plan of action!
The phone system. I was sitting in Panera Bread and decided to call HR. I got ahold of Casey and asked for information
regarding “Jackie Craig Sparks” She transferred me to another man in management.
man responded "I need to verify this call before I send you everything I know about a employee"
me: "Why do you need to verify the authenticy of this call? Why would your answer change for a employment
verification call"
There was a little more said and I told him what he was doing was illegal and hung up the call.

Well I decided to try to talk to my fellow ex-coworkers while doing so, the staff leaked the supervisors extensions. The
supervisors desk was 1002. By knowing that I could sit there and go thru all the 1000 extensions to find out the routing of their
asterix system then possibly find all the different offices and people inside the offices, then possibly find my way into a
configuration menu to possibly route calls, listen to phone calls etc. Very dangerous. - leaking extensions ogg - leaking extensions mp3

During one of the phonecalls they even leaked the launch of their Dallas office.!!
They even leaked times their employees where at work. This could be harmfull to their employees. If a aggressor wanted to
know if a employee was at work he could use this information to stalk and follow the employee from work back to his home. This
is dangerous to the employees health. - employee working ogg - employee working mp3 – email to Brent telling him about all this.

Well at this point There where no other avenues to exhaust without crossing legal boundaries and taking off my white hat and
grey hat. From prey to predator. Thanks hostgator.

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