google syntax

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i came across some google syntax... well i will list them down...
these syntax reduce or narrows our search

1) intitle : this helps in searching a content through title.
eg: intitle:"soldierx"

2) link : this helps in listing out all the links to the required url.

3) filetype : this helps us to find the type of file.
eg: hacking filetype:pdf

4) inurl : narrows our search to the urls of the web pages
eg: inurl:soldierx

5) site : narrows our search either by site or top-level domain.

6) cache : finds a copy of the page that Google indexed even if that page is no longer
available at its original URL or has since changed its content completely.

7) related : This is a good way to find categories of pages; a search for would
return a variety of search engines, including HotBot, Yahoo!, and Northern Light.

Cool info : provides a page of links to more information about a specified URL.

make your search narrow guys.. Smile