CS Major at college and unsure if that's the path I really want. HELP

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Hey Everyone,

I'm now a junior in college pursuing my bachelors degree in computer science, but I'm not really sure if that's where I want to be. I really like playing around in Linux and I get a kick out of doing things I shouldn't. (like packet sniffing at the local gym stealing any information i come across). I don't do anything with this info other than get a chuckle out of the fact that they have no idea about security. I find this kind of thing really exciting. Should I be looking into information security instead of computer science? I'm okay at programming and enjoy writing scripts. (like a year ago i wrote a script that would clear cookies and revisit a given site to boost votes on a competition website.) left that sucker running over night and won! I know thats SO basic, but I never claimed to be pro. Best thing I ever did was write a manual generating program for an automation company that included word and pdf comp. and aso cd creation and email. a few k lines of code so again a small project, but I loved it. I find it exciting trying to find work around for things. In high school our computers were outfitted with "net nanny" or something to that nature to block the kids from facebook and myspace. I found out that by using something as simple as iframes, the browser url wouldn't register "myspace" and you can surf to your hearts content anywhere you want. Finding these loopholes in things and fixing them would be great fun! Is this regarded as information security? (preventing unwanted access to servers and abuse of services?)

Any input would be great! What computer profession do you guys find most exciting? Could you give a quick example of what makes it so cool?


Thank you!

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