Donations needed before 2012!

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We're very close to our budget for 2011. We were only $19.92 away and then we got fucked for the holidays by BenOwns. More on him coming soon, but for now I will say that he sent a donation to get access to some restricted files - then reported the donation as fraudulent after he got the files. The result is that paypal ended up removing the donation as well as charging us the $20 that they were hit with for a charge back. We are now $139.92 short of our planned budget for 2011. We know that the holidays are tight and many of you can't donate. If you were considering getting VIP in 2012, consider getting it before 2012!

We hit our budget in 2010 and we were able to expand. If we don't hit our budget for 2011, it's not a good sign for us - and we will be trying to cut costs however we can. Thanks to everybody for the support and we hope you all have happy holidays. As always, contact RaT if you are interested in helping out.