Windows Remote Desktop Tool

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After scowering forums I spent an hour or two on the phone with microsoft support on this issue. all i was able to get from them is , 'that sounds cool'...

So i'm trying to access another laptop on my home network using remoted desktop. to my knowledge this is one of the best free tools to get full access to another computer with (correct me if i'm wrong). But I am not able to connect to my alternate laptop.

Steps I followed so far:

1. upgrade both systems to win7 ultimate to have access to remote desktop tool.
2. make sure remote access is enabled
3. I had to switch the names of my computer as both naively had the same compuer name.
4. switch settings within remote desktop to recognize I am connecting over a personal WAN
5. Type in computer's name I am trying to connect to.

I kept getting an error about how the compuer was not found on my network.
I attempted connecting with my IP address but was told the computer was either off, did not have the remote access software, or was not on the network.

please help as this would make things easier if i could fix this issue and connect all of the computers on my network.

any advice on alternate software would be appreciated too, i'm open to any and all suggestions.