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A while back, I got the Antivirus 2012 virus through a Flash ad on Youtube. It was annoying (locking you out of things, breaking services, and it was also trying to spread on the LAN), but not all that hard to remove once you know what to do.

I decided to switch antivirus programs on the Windows side of my computer. I know there are better programs, that scan faster, etc, but I decided to install PC Tools Internet Security because it was what I had on hand. I have a lot of gripes with it. Namely, no directory exclusion. No HOSTs file exclusion. Slow scanning. Stupid warning. False alarms. Etc. It sucks. Don't spend money on it.

Buuut.... the other day I ran a scan. Tell me what is wrong with this picture:

Btw, none of those are actual threats. The HOST entry is something I inserted and the other stuff are FA. I've been working in Asm lately and every other thing I write is detected as a virus by this damn thing. I've hardly gotten to making full on windows for shit sake! It also seems to detect as a virus anything that I change in disassembler (ie change jnz to 1 or 0).