Android Microchip ADK Nightmare!!!

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Hey all.....I have a project here that's turned into a HUGE nightmare!
I took it on as a favor to a friend/client for next to no I have myself in WAY over my head.
It's a one off project interfacing an Android App over wifi to a proprietary piece of hardware running a Microchip PIC24F Microcontroller.
I need to pick the brains of others who have pioneered in the Android-Hardware dev area........The cool part of the project is that what I'm doing has NEVER been done before........The down side......It's NEVER been done
Let me know your thoughts and if you're willing to help out....I do have a budget of a grand - $1500 for someone who can help me Smile

Thanx for taking the time to read Smile

So I've had some great feedback.....the main issue is Microchips's very confusing and the only thing they offer is the source code...that's it!
I've even had Ken Son take a look at it and he's not impressed by Microchip's lack of support for their own ADK....we should have used a Prop or even designed the whole thing off of an Arduino.....blech!

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