Finding Personal Contact Information Through Steam

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I need help
A friend of mine was scammed out of some big money by someone on steam, I decided to help him out, so I befriended the hacker in hopes that i could capture a screenshot of him in the act, it has been weeks since that, and today I initiated a trade with him, having forgotten who he was, I am now out $120 in promised goods.
i need to find out his personal contact information and or IP so that can track his ass down, I will not "steal" anything from him, but I have high hopes that I can scare him into giving me what he owes me.
Here is his profile on steamrep,
I would prefer to do this myself, but i have little to no knowledge in hacking, and I need help, I am willing to give out 1/3 of the owed payment as a steam game to whoever helps me do this, if he gives it back.

people without experience come to me and i try to refer them to the person who can help them.