Disable group policies implemented through the registry!

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Our company has systems set up to automatically restore the registry on reboot and every so many hours while the computer is running. The registry enables a screen saver on a general use computer that is used by many employees, as corporate is slow to respond to certain issues that we send to them like the fact th screensaver is set to enable after a reg value of 91 instead of 901 and the value is keeps resetting itself we have just decided its easiest to delete the registry value all together. Also need to disable the Lock screen with the script, so far what I have come up with is a batch file as such.

@echo on
;REGEDIT /S C:\Final.reg
ping localhost -n 301 > nul
goto again

that executes the following registry file that deletes the registry values I need deleted.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Control Panel\Desktop]

What I would like to do is add to the batch file so that it runs as a hidden window (but still shows up in process manager), but I am not sure of the commands that I would need in order to do that. Also need to add to the batch file to disable the screen saver on "on resume display login screen" to the batch which I also am not sure of the commands to do. anyone that knows the commands to make these to things happen I would love it even if I have to tweak the context a little to make it work.
Then final step is to add it to a Virtual Studio at home and compile both the batch file and the reg file into a .exe that I can add to the startup menu item for all users, if thats possible?

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