O.F.A.C.E. Update

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Updated 31 January 2013
Yeah, it's been a while. It's hard to do this shit alone alongside a full-time job and school.
Here is the prospective feature list.

Please continue to post suggestions here. I'd like to continue keeping this thread on the short side.
For artwork, post here.

Let's keep this topic for updates/requesting updates/info on project status/etc.

Current Status: Project is in progress. Help always wanted. No programming skill needed for a lot of the work. If you'd like to help, please contact me for info.

Tasks needed:

Establish PE Environment
Compilation of applications, tweaks, hacks, etc. to include/support
Development of individual features
Artwork. Dull apps are dull.

OFace-related documents can be found here on Google Docs.

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