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Assignment for people who knows how to do a good job.
There are four types of tasks:
1.Make a program or script to enter data virtual amount in a locked database.
2.Find the username and password from administrator or a mod.
3.Creating scripts for dmg ... and ammo.
4.Creating a script for the game shop ... or buying injection.

If you are the right person for us .. please contact us and we shall forward you any other information.
You can choose one of four options offered.
Its not banks,institutions and things like that,it is a simple game server.

Why are we involved in this project:
1.Because the owner and the entire team have become greedy, and players are no longer relevant.
2.Because they do not respect the law on trade and consumer protection.
3.Because of language discrimination.

The award for successful task completion:
1.A payment from 7.000 $ at once,and the payment amount each month of 1.500$ following two years.
Method of payment you choose,better way for us its paypal.

We wish you luck on your quest.

contact for information and assignment

E-mail: [email protected]
Skype: assignment-game