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I have inquired in the recent past to council members about expanding SX to not only encompass conventional PC programing but also automobile programming, so that we may expand or community base. Modern auto's are rolling computer's and I understand that there is many sites on the web that off this service, however me being a bit prejudice. I feel SX is a cut above the rest.

Anyway, with that aside. This challenge hit a bit closer to home recently. A close and personal friend (a mechanic) asked me if I could design or knew of any program that could quick reference a bunch of .PDF technical sheets that involved multiple vehicle types. To clarify, if he wanted to research in his local downloaded PDF's, (by local i mean located on his local disk drive or removable storage) the search term :"Mazda timing belt torque settings" (i.e. lbs per square inch torque) could i create a database reference search that would do this to his hundreds of pdf's on Mazda, located on his "local drive"? ...PS. also on his local drive he has Honda, Ford or Chevy etc white sheets. He would like to isolate search terms and vehicle types.

Since I am not fully versed on this subject I figured SX is my best friend. Does anyone have any suggestions or software of choice to recommend? This is NOT a for profit project, and would just be to increase his personal productivity. As a friend I told him i would at least try and the community seemed a logical choice.

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