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hello everyone..

well, this is my 5th attempt to try and put an idea down on the keyboard. everytime, it turns into the rantings of someone who has lofty ideas and little practical experience to articulate it.

one thing that does concern me is the group known as anonymous. they need to reexamine who and what they are (as well as what their real purpose is). they are attracting a lot of attention (a lot of it the wrong kind). That puts the rest of us in a negative light. Now, I am not a coder, but I can recognize what some code can do. my particular specialties have been hardware and firewalls (specifically iptables/ipchains and some dabbling in PF). That is about the extent of my software experience other than Linux (with ORCA screenreader) and OS X (using voiceover).

If anyone made note of the mention of screenreaders, you might have a question. the answer is: yes, I am blind. That does tend to preclude my doing some things, but not entirely stopping me either.
anyway, perhaps its time that the technomages of the world (and that is what we are) should gather, have a debate and decide on some rules of conduct. Its a lofty ideal, but something has to be done. Perhaps we need to think about reforming THINC (and anyone who knows the history of the internet knows exactly what that is). Hopefully, I hope my words get some folks thinking. And hopefully, I didn't just make a grand fool of myself.

no matter the war, conflict or battle there are always 3 sides: "our" side, "their" side and, in the middle, the truth.