How can I contribute to Soldier X?

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I have been a 'lurker' on Soldier X for some time, when I originally signed up it was because of my interest in some software that was only modified etc. by the Soldier X team. I am now a VIP which I hope will spur me on to be more than just a 'lurker'. I originally started work on a new design for the Soldier X site but that got sidetracked by other things I had going on.

I was talking to RaT briefly about providing some storage space and bandwidth on one of my servers but, as I should have known, security and encryption is the Soldier X's first priority. Something that I probably can't offer.

So it got me thinking, how can I contribute to Soldier X? I have upgraded to VIP, I've donated some money for watermarking stuff and I've offered some server space. I now know that the server space wouldn't help but I wondered if maybe I could download all of the files listed in the Tools section to a mirror so we know they will never be unavailable (not suggesting only showing the link to my mirror, but maybe as a backup link).

So basically I wanted to say Hello and see if anyone had anything they think I can help with.