Illegal Spam Questions for Security Plus Class

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I have read my book and Testout, "Labslim" articles for my security plus class. I have answered a few of the questions but is there more information out there. It seems we get the basic info and no more. Last time I posted I got great and well appreciated insight on security. There has to be a better way then what Labslim is telling me.

What are examples of illegal spam?
unsolicited e-mail messages are annoying, only some fall into the illegal category. But even if a message does not violate federal or state anti-spam laws, it should still be viewed with caution. Messages may contain advertisements for pornography, get-rich-quick schemes and other ploys that violate state law, are offensive or inappropriate for viewing by children. Clicking on links contained in spam messages can also expose Internet users to computer viruses.

What can you do to reduce the amount of spam you receive?
Use rule-based spam filters that used less processing than Bayesian filters. I tried setting up my own mail server on a dedicated PC.

How can you report illegal spam?
A very effective service to submit your spam to is OnGuard Online, which is part of the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC),Yet another service is to report your spam to is SpamCop. I know for the few that know how they go after the spammers.