Noticing a Huge Problem

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I have been noticing more and more everyday that there seems to be the beginning of a huge problem with our culture. It seems that the newer hacker culture does not understand that it is not just about running tools through single click, or through a string of text in a terminal. I am seeing it more and more that they are getting lazier and just want things handed to them on a silver platter. They do not understand even the power of google! They use the automated tools that have been created over the years, not understanding how they work. What has happened to the real hacker and it's culture? What happened to every hacker having to create his/her own tools? Something needs to be done about this. I know that there are a few of you on here that know exactly what I am talking about, and understand the culture that I am referring to. I also know that there are a couple of the newer hackers that are here regularly that are trying to make an effort to actually learn what it is all about. It is just sad to me that I see our complete culture going down in flames due to laziness! I mean, what would any of the hackers that were not a part of the old culture do if all of the tools that are in today's world just got banned or disapeared? A whole lot of nothing! They don't know programming, they don't know shell scripting, and they really don't know patience. It is sad, and I am wondering if I am the only one that sees this? and What can we do to help the new culture out?