Offer for hackers to test their skills and have some fun.

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Well, I have been working for a long bit of time on my companies web site security. So I have at this point gone ahead made a backup of the site and secured every hole I can find.
But it comes to my knowledge other people might be able to find something I overlooked.
So heres the deal. I will let you guys have free reign to attack my site.
BUT in order to determine what is you guys and what is a legit attack I will need to know what IP address you intend to attack from so as I monitor the attacks I can tell what is a legitimate test attack and what might be an actual attack on the site.

But I hope in for you guys that it will just be fun.
my site is
please message back with your public IP address and make sure that I give you the go ahead that I have acknowledged your IP address prior to attacking. I will have to let my hosting provider know what IP's I have authorized to attack as they have certain security procedures in affect and I would not want to have you black listed by a major global dns server.

This is not me giving you permission to maliciously attack the site if you find a hole but instead to privately message me with what you have found so that I can repair it.

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