comcast, clear QAM, and DTA

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Ive had a hell of a time and not much success in setting up both on my Mac and Media Center the channel guides for the new "HD" signal. I have the haupage analog/HD tuner (USB dongle purchased less the 30 days ago) but I am only able to get at the most 13 channels. The DTA box "see's" the entire menu (128 channels). I have tried setting up media center directly to the wall and also through the DTA box. When in the wall I get 13 channels(basic analog). When going through the DTA module I get 0 channels and I have even gone as far as manually setting media center to channels 3 only. I pretty much given up, but just wondering if this is an attempt to snuff out media center consoles by major providers under the cloak of regaining bandwidth.

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