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I thought I would try to contribute anything I can, being a nub and all; I originally thought this was complete bullshit but after some extensive testing I am pretty sure it is at least somewhat accurate. I was 4/5 *one game with two* as far as legendary drops went, made around $50~, quality is still randomized.

First, log into D3 and go into whatever game you want. Minimize and go to "START" -> "Command Prompt"

Second, once in "Command Prompt" type "netstat -n" and you will get a bunch of internet IP's

... You will have two IP's ending in .1119, so it should look like XX.XXX.XXX.XXX.1119.
One of these internet IP's will always be the same and end in 193.1119, which looks like XX.XXX.XXX.193.1119

Now the 2nd IP ending in .1119 will have random numbers in place of ".193"

You want those random numbers to be two digits or less and an even number like 72, 4, 12, 30, basically anything under 98...

Also, just leave your game (no need to log out) and rejoin and research your IP


ACT1 Ponies IP: Between ~2-3 runs
4: one legendary, thirteen 63s
12: five 63s
26: eleven 63s
28: nine 63s
40: six 63s
62: sixteen 63s
64: eleven 63s
68: one legendary, nine 63s
72: three legendary, eighteen 63s
74: two legendary, fifteen 63s
76: two legendary, fifteen 63s
78: one legendary, seventeen 63s
86: nine 63s

ACT3 Keep Depths LVL 1-3, Second Heart, Azmodan IPs
2: twenty four 63s
12: eighteen 63s
16: one legendary, twenty 63s
18: twenty one 63s
24: twenty four 63s
26: twenty two 63s
30: twenty three 63s
38: sixteen 63s (didn't finish)
50: twenty 63s
68: nineteen 63s
72: five legendary, sixty six 63s (5 runs)
74: seven legendary, ninety 63s (7 runs)
76: three legendary, eighty five 63s (7 runs)
78: three legendary, eighty two 63s (6 runs)
92: twenty two 63s

Good luck, any numbers I didn't mention are trash... As you can see stick around IPs 70-78

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