Security + Question on SQL injections attacks and defense.

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I haven't taken my sql class yet. I started the book sql attack and defence. Never finished with school load, trying to get my CCNA cert along with Security+ right now. I been reading Network + guide to network security for class. I have to do a project for class. I been reading as much as I can on SQL injection. I got a little bit of understanding of it. I have to pages of my own on a word document so far. I WAS WONDERING IF I COULD GET A GREATER INSIGHT ON SQL. It seems the books only got me so far. I read the tutorial's on soldierx, and searched the forums and read any link that was posted.
I understand SQL due to fact I deal with a few SQL servers at work but I dont know enough to explain it into a paper any thoughts and how to defend against SQL attacks. SQL reminds me of Microsoft Access with its tables and what not!! Thanks everyone. I promise when I graduate in April and get some experience I hopefully wont be asking these types of questions.