Subnet Masks/Subnetting and How to write your Pen test programs, Hackers getting lazy

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This is a response to to Hackers getting lazy. I first want to thank Nu11By73 for the great resposes to my questions. I wish I could pick your brain in person, I appreciate the responds. As some might know I am a student graduating in 9 months for a Bach in CIS' "Computer Information Systems" focusing on Network Security/Engineering, I am in mid 30's and already have an Accounting Degree. I am taking my final electives in Programing, all that is being offered this quarter is MCAD/MCSD, next quarter C++ and Visual Basic .net. So I took them. My question is there a way I can learn how to write my own programs, all we are learning is basic programs, tic tac toe and a few other. I need to see the programing at hand to learn it. Basically I learn from seeing. I been using the general programs to learn hacking in a controled enviroment. Basically set up a network to hack into and how to set up networks. Learning my own flaws basically. My question is where can i actually go to see hacking programs to learn from and a good read to follow up. I been looking over the Pen Testing NullBy73 is teaching , thank you.
My second question is Subnetting. I am taking my CCNA class this quarter. I understand a good portion of it. As previously spoken we are getting lazy. I can pull up a subnet calculator to do my work for me. I am a person who likes know how to how it happens from point a to point b. I understand how to use Binary as well. I understand that subnet allows a certain of computers to be on a network or to set up departments with in a company. What I don't understand is how to look at a Class A,B,C Ip address know that I need 30,000 computers broken into 6 departments each using 5000 computers. I need to learn how to get the subnet with out using a calculator. Do i use, or what not. The CCNA book one hints on how to do this without a calculator. Basically what I need is an easier way to learn this.