How to tell an employer they need more than they are asking for?

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Hey all I need some advice on how to approach this situation. I am applying for a job where the employer is asking for someone to maintain their website databases. After looking at the website for a matter of 2-3 minutes I found a way to gain root access to the server and databases.

What I need advice on is how to approach the employer, whom I am not currently employed with, and tell them that I can help them with the databases however what they really need is a better server administrator. What would be a nice way of saying it and also increasing my chances of doing more than just maintaining the databases. Obviously if I gained root to the server the databases would be compromised no matter what I did.

What are your thoughts? anything I should say? anything I shouldn't say or any good ways to tell them they need a better server admin? Thanks for your time and thoughts.