Cool feature on a mail program- lets you upload exe files and run anywhere

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So somehow long ago I started a email account for my more mischievous activities. So hopped on there for the first time in awhile tonight and noticed they added an Upload File section- these guys like to pretend they are a real email company that can compete with Google? Anyways, in the intro they said “any file type” so, being the curious fuck I am, I checked it out… To my amazement I found you could upload and run portable exes anywhere from the web. It is a easy drag and drop interface that supports multiple uploads at once, only files no folders. It is also really quick uploading and opens much faster than google drive or some shit. Users get a a free 2GB online flash drive that they can share with other people- individual files or whole thing. I thought this was pretty cool and hopefully someone else does or I just wasted my time, haha. Going to play with it a little more and see how crazy I can get with it. Peace

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