The Fourth Dimension?

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Watch the video and ponder the following comment.

The Fourth Dimension? Are we too slow to comprehend it?

What if we are like objects on a two dimensional piece of paper,, we couldnt see the third dimension because we have no concept of it, what if, likewise, we exist in the third dimension of comprehension, and this, the fourth dimension time does not apply as we percieve it, and thus, we are surrounded by fourth dimensional beings who understand that we have no concept of their presence because we cannot see them or their dimension, due to our three dimensional thinking and perception.

What if our perception of time is not compatable with the perception of time in the fourth dimension, beings that exist in this fourth dimension would see us as moving slowly, and they, likewise, moving so fast, than we are unable to see them, we would be like ants or they would percieve us the same as we percieve ants or maybe even some other carbon based lifeform, maybe we would look no different than a mold, or a fungus, or a bacteria to them as they look down on our planet in that time dimension.

Or maybe their perception of us would be something totally different, maybe Glass windows are solid to us, but perhaps our glass is a liquid to them and that we appear to be moving fast to them, Now, take these concepts and apply them to space, imagine our place in the universe in this 4th dimension, how slowly we percieve the galaxies and objects within to be, how massive their proportion in our time
now, think if it in terms of 4th dimension time and space, things moving faster, so fast, we cannot concieve of it, because we see things in the third dimension to scale , we could be surrounded by 4th dimensional beings and not even see them, or even be capable of seeing any evidence of them, with our limited spectrum of UV light our eyes can see, and our limited ability to see with our own eyes something that fast, or, at least that our perception is unable to detect withing the physical limitations of our own dimensional existance.

But perhaps shadows of the evidence of these things might exist might be detectable, traces or shadows of them, but limited to our comprehension with tools and devices we have at our disposal, such as newly developed high rate frame capture video devices, and IR cameras perhaps, likewise, a species like that, would perhaps see us, slow and in a different spectrum, and wonder how to communicate with us, and wonder if we were more like insects in colonies, rather than an intelligent race, a race or life form not made of the same elements we are, one that is not biological as we know life to be, but perhaps, one made of energy. or from a world where different physics allowed for a different type of evolution than anything we might concieve of.

Perhaps a species that exists in this sped up, as we might percieve of it, existance where the boundaries that constrain us, do not apply to them, thus, a 4th dimension. Not a spacial dimension, but another dimension of time that would allow one to exist in a whole new dimension within the same universe that our planet earth does.

Fascinating ideas.
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