Hyper-V Device Drivers not found

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Hi I am installing Operating systems in Windows 8 Hyper-V.
During the installation of operating systems in Hyper-V an error pops up saying Device Drivers not found followed by the type of drivers which are missing.
VMBus is one of them.
Hyper_V_Gen_Counter_V1 is another one of them.

Other than that the operating systems do install and you can access them with no problem.

Without these drivers you have no access through the network.

You also do not have access to the USB Drive.

It seems that you also have to constantly press the CTL ALT Back Arrow keys in order to get out of each screen which is a nuisance.

After doing some research on the Internet it seems there is a lot of people having the same problems.

Microsoft did not go far enough with the development of Hyper-V within Windows 8.

This really sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can some well experienced members can offer some help.