Tape Drive Backup from VMHost

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Yeah, this is my first year at an actual position and I am having a bit of trouble as seen from previous posts. Where I am now is setting up a tape drive from a VM (ESXi 5.0) to a Tape Drive (Spectra Logic T-120) using Symantec (Backup Exec 2012) and having an issue with the it communicating with the robotics. The jobs given to the machine just sit in queue and say Ready; No idle device. It's a brick wall is what it feels like. I have searched multiple sites. There is a ton of information about ESXi 4.x and how to use usb throughput and other ways, but my employer wants to run it virtually which is not supported incidentally. I was just wondering if anyone else has ran into such a problem? Or know of any solutions? Thanks for any advice given.

Edit: to give some slight specifics of the problems.