Curiosity for the hacker culture, request for more information/private conversation

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I'm actually writing this post for several reasons. I apologize if some of my initial questions are not as specific as is typical, or desired, but I'm trying to determine whether or not this is an appropriate location for the kinds of questions I have to ask.

Here are the questions I would like to have answered :
- Is my kind welcome here? (That's a serious question!)
- Is there anyone here that would be willing to share their perspective of the hacking community with me? (or of other hackers they've known)
- Would anyone be willing or able (hopefully both) - to attempt to answer my many questions regarding computer science, in a private conversation? (I feel like I may have too many to be appropriate for a forum topic)
- Are there any people here that would want to assist me, or advise me in some of the projects I have in mind?

Responses : If you are interested in helping me, please send me a message or give me a way to contact you, so that I can avoid responding to you on this forum as that would violate the forum's rules.

I'll try to describe my situation in as few words as possible, so as not to bore anyone here, but I'm a fast-typing, literate female - so I really can't make any promises. It's in my nature to be frustratingly descriptive. That being said, I don't want to discourage anyone from reading and responding to my post, so I'm including a short summary of what I've written below so that you don't have to subject yourself to my manuscript!

Summary :
Brief Background :
I'm a computer science student, reformed from web design, in a computer security class in college, and interested in finding out more.

Objectives for this post :
(1) Learn about the hacker culture.
(2) Find someone willing to answer the questions I have relative to computer science.
(3) Find out if there are any artists/writers willing to participate in a project.
(4) Identify whether this is a community I would be interested in engaging in.

More extensive explanation :

My Brief Background :
I am a computer science student, reformed from web design, with an excessive amount of curiousity. I'm currently taking a computer security class, and I find the subject itself to be extremely fascinating because it is the first opportunity I've really had to gain a more complete understanding of the capabilities, and limitations of computers.

Objectives for this post :
(1) I'm intrigued by the hacker culture, but most of the information I've been exposed to has been media hype, legal reports, or institutional hear-say, which I consider to be neither trustworthy, or accurate. I'd like to hear the other side of the story. The fascinations, ambitions, motivations, and philosophy of those people on the other side of the fence who apparently seem to share my obsession for information.

If anyone is willing to enlighten me, I'd really appreciate an e-mail! (And yes, I've already read the Doctrine and the very well written Manifesto)

(2) I also have a lot of questions in regards to computers that my professors are either unwilling, or unable to answer. I have mediocre skill, and a fundamental knowledge of C, Java, C++, Python, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, ...Actionscript.., and a little bit of PHP, but I have little understanding of the context surrounding these languages. How they interact with one another, what they are best used for, why some are better in certain situations than others, etc. I want to know what language will be most effective for the programs I intend to write, and why. I want to know what new languages I should learn, based on my present skill set - and I want to know how to use these languages so that my programs can interact with my computer, my browser, and with programs written in other languages. I want to know how to take software and find out how it was written and implemented, and why those decisions were made. I have an extrodinary amount of questions to ask but, unfortunately, I don't think I have enough experience or understanding to answer them myself, even with the kind of research that I do. I also don't think they would be appropriate to post, as I have so many of them, and I wouldn't want to pollute the forum. I've read a lot of the other posts on this forum, and they seem to primarily focus on one or two specific questions on how to accomplish certain tasks, so my questions don't seem appropriate for this context.

Project : I'm interested in creating a network of refurbished computers that will run virtual servers on which I will be able to practice the concepts I'm learning in a secure, legal environment. Should this method prove effective, I would like to invite others to learn on my virtual systems as well.

Would anyone here be interested in that?
If anyone has any suggestions, or information regarding this project, please let me know!

(3) For a while now, I've been in search of inspirational and exciting media relative to my field, but the industry seems to be a bit lacking in this regard. So I've been considering writing my own book that would cover the factual information I've learned, as I learn it, in a fictional storyline. I would release this book chapter by chapter. The knowledge that I have is primitive at best, so the speed at which this book is released will depend heavily on how many more experienced individuals are willing to answer my questions, or explore hypothetical hacking scenerios, and what not. Eventually I'm sure that I will find this information if left to my own devices, but at this rate, it appears that it may take a while!

Also, if anyone is interested in co-writing, or co-illustrating this book, please let me know!

(4) Lastly, though this is not crucial, I'm truly interested in finding a community of like-minded people. College has been frustratingly boring, tedious, and time-consuming, and most of the students there are interested in things that just aren't very appealing to me. I refuse to believe that all humans are this willfully ignorant and boring, but being exposed to some exceptions would go along way to restoring my faith!

My hopes for receiving responses are not high, so please do not feel obligated to respond to this post. Any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated, and I would be more than happy to exchange some legal work hours for some otherwise inaccessible perspectives/contextual information, if there was something you needed done. If there is a more secure way you would prefer to communicate, please let me know!

If this community is not a suitable place for me, please let me know so that I at least know that this post was read!

- Rhapsody