Spoofing Websites?

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I'm very interested to learn how websites are spoofed. It's been indicated to me that this process can be done very quickly, and easily, but I haven't yet found a lot of useful information in regards to this topic.

I'm wondering if theres any software tools out there that perform a task like this, but more importantly, how does that software work?

Most of the information I've found online involves phishing or IP addresses, so any good research links or tips will be greatly appreciated!

- Rhapsody

Update :
Thanks for the reply again EarlMate! Those are such awesome links! Very cool! I especially liked http://neighbor.willhackforsushi.com/hacking-friends.pdf. Hilarious!

Well, actually when I first made this post my intent was just to learn how to pull all of the files from a site. I've saved a site to my desktop before, but there always seems to be something missing from the saved version. That's a bit of a let down for me because as an ex-web designer, I'm really interested in figuring out how some of these websites are implemented! I'm equally interested in learning about how my computer is able access their server and download all of those files collectively.

However, these links have successfully sparked my interest! I didn't realize that phishing was actually a somewhat involved process that requires a bit of skill!
Uhm...not to insult any phishers here (phishermen?) ...
Well, anyways, I'm enlightened now! This stuff looks very neat! Maybe I'll be able to set up a phishing site for extra credit in my computer security class!

I found an open source software, "OpenWebSpiderCS" that looks really promising! I've downloaded it, and now I'm in the process of trying to figure out how to get all of it's beautiful little files to cooperate with each other so I can actually do something with it! I'll try and update this post when I get to that point, in case anyone else would like to know!

Thanks so much for the goodies!
- Rhapsody