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I will be straight forward with this topic me and my husband had a car loan with a bank (will tell you privately on email if u will respond on my post) of which we are paying it every month.

Its a joint account and there are two atm cards i lost mine and we report it and have it blocked. So nobody can withdraw from it.

Sad thing is we were surpise when two guys came on our house last dec 20, 2013 to get our car for repossission of which make us mad for i have all receipts of our payments.

Worst is we just find out that theres a withdrawals on that account normally thats auto debit and it is my card they say that is being used. How in hell can that happen when we haved it blocked. It turns out that the money that we pay about 15, 300 pesos a month and around 100k PLUS was gone.

I would loved to learn how can i hacked my own atm but i would be really happy if somebody can helped me hack there database or my own atm account. I am sawing them to court and ask 5million as fee for what they have done. Not even a notice that we received were supposed to get justice rather it turns out that it is me who have been stoled and they are trying to said that i stol my own money WTF!!!!

its hard on us for they are in the possession for theyre working in the bank that manager DONA is an evil...

Will give 20% out from taht 5million if somebody can help me out im serious here....pleaseeee help me out id rather fight or accept defeat than be a coward. HELPPPPPP i cant post my email right now for i am also hiding my identity from them by fb you can send me a msg or what means it is safer thanks hear me out need help bad.....