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Here is the list of projects being developed by Soldierx. Information will be updated periodically, this allows the community to see what we are doing and how active we really are. As most of you do not attend the meetings, so with out further adieu here are our projects:

The HardenedBSD project was created in 2014 by Oliver Pinter and Shawn Webb. The project aims to provide security enhancements to the FreeBSD project. We plan to upstream most, if not all, our projects.

SDR Tutorial: An intro to Software defined radio including info on HAM listening, Land, sea, and air Traffic land - cb, police scanners (unecrypted) Sea: Marine coms Air ADS-b and AIS

SoldierTune: Automated wifi scanner and directional antenna aimer
scans ~ 350 deg. and stores a table of best signal, use front end to select wifi network, aims antenna back to X point
Current problems: had to order 2 more hdmi cables for odroids (ones I got don't work)

Project ELK is a system that traps syslogs so users can analyze network and system logs in order to provide metrics to data.
ELK will allow users to drill down into syslog anomalies in an attempt to understand, categorize and tag, what would otherwise be, unexplained events. Users do not need to understand specific logs to visually see there is an outlier that needs attention.

arp utilities: it's a project which will allow the user to perform attacks such as MITM, ARP poisoning attacks, and other ARP related attacks in a easy manner Gonna have features such as CIRC IP specification, / IP ranges, etc

OFACE: It's like MRI, but not owned by a bunch of jerks. It's a portal for computer repair tools.
"The quicker computer fixer upper"

RatNest it's a downloader/updater. I'd say roughly halfway done, and I usually get some time in on it each week so I can keep it going.