MRI FMOD issue only from usb boot

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Hi, I've been having fun reskinning and cracking MRI 5.9 and being a total noob I followed the tutorial I found here for version 5.8.1

I got it all customized and going good booting from my usb flash drive but FMOD won't work. For some reason will only work from within Windows, from the usb boot mode it gives "The unstruction at 0x0123e680 referenced memory at 0x00477028. The memory could not be read. Click ok to terminate the program" I've been using XP pro and olly as recommended in the tutorial, should I maybe be using Win8?

I have used two programs to unpack, "Unpacker_PECompact" for most and used "RL!dePacker" to unpack FMOD and SystemUpdater (which works fine from usb) Been working on this one problem for days, can anyone give me clue what I'm missing here?